2020 Latino Health Needs & Workforce Study

Melinda Grismer

Melinda Grismer, a community development specialist with PCRD, has expertise in grant-writing, facilitation, strategic planning, board governance and diversity/inclusion issues. Melinda spent three years (2004-2007) developing a successful Latino Community Learning Center/Pl@za Comunitaria in Frankfort, Indiana, followed by three years (2007-2010) as the Learning Network Coordinator of Clinton County, building local educational and workforce capacity. In her role at PCRD, Melinda leverages the experience she gained working with her local community to benefit the state of Indiana.

Conference participants who work with or design instruction for Limited English Proficient (LEP) audiences will find the results of the 2020 Latino Health Needs & Workforce Study an insightful glimpse into the social determinants that affect adult learners’ success and well-being. The presenter will detail the study’s methodology and share key findings, facilitating dialogue among participants.

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