Building Prison IETS: The down and dirty on what you REALLY need to know

Konnie McCollum

Konnie McCollum is Adult Education Director for River Valley Resources, Inc. She has a Master’s Degree in Adult Education from Indiana University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Louisville. She is one of the co-developers of the Madison Model, and she has participated in several national initiatives on IET development. She was recently awarded COABE’s 2021 Outstanding Administrator of the Year, and she currently is honored to be a member of the IAACE Board of Directors.

The Madison Model, a nationally-known prison education model for occupational skills certifications, has seen close to 500 women earn more than 800 portable occupational skills certifications, and many of those women have gone on to earn college degrees. This presentation explores the nitty gritty of how the community partnership created the IET program through collaboration and problem solving.

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