Connect Four: Bridging Academic and Vocational Education for Adult Learners

Thomas Phelps

Thomas Phelps Born and raised in Indiana, I decided to teach before leaving high school. My BS degree is in Social Studies Education and German. I earned a MA in History and German at Ball State University. I proceeded to my Ph.D. in History also at Ball State University. I have tried many things in my life, but through everything, I am a teacher first. With nearly thirty three years of teaching college history, literacy, science, and math to adults, I adopted new strategies and adapted them to the needs of my students. Then in return, students took the skills and used them in their own lives.

A long standing competition exists between the academic world and the vocational world of education. Teachers often teach, and students often learn academic knowledge and vocational skills are separate. Yet, both parts are essential. Education involves the whole person. Working together, teachers and students can prepare the whole human being for any situation beyond the classroom.

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