Connections in Mind: Helping Students Improve Their Executive Functions

Julie Ramirez

Julie Ramirez has been teaching adult learners for twelve years at Central Nine Adult Education I work with English Language Learners teaching a transitions class as well as three IELCE courses. This year I am on of the PDFs for our program. I recently graduated from Purdue with my Master of Science in Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction . I live in Greenwood with my husband, Rick and our cat Tigger. We have one son, Thomas, who is a recent graduate of Purdue University and resides in Chicago.

Students who have trouble analyzing, planning, organizing, scheduling, and completing tasks, may have an Executive Function Disorder. In this session, we will discuss what executive function skills are and how they can affect a student’s success. Participants will see examples of tools and materials that can be easily created to help improve student’s executive functioning skills.

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