Digital Literacy and Technology Integration: An Engaging Face-to-Face and Virtual Learning Experience

Michael Matos

Michael Matos Currently the EdTech Director for Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition managing the Illinois Digital Literacy Lab Project and more. I am currently on the IACEA, (Region 1 Sr. Director) and COABE (Region 3 Rep). Past positions include: Senior Director of Adult Education, Employment and Training Programs. I have managed adult education programs, computer technology centers and career development programs for over 12 years. I have been an instructor for Financial and Computer Literacy, ESL, ABE/ASE for over 20 years. I have been presenting at conferences nationally since 2007.

Technology pervades the workplace, education, and daily life. The range of uses and applications suggest numerous approaches for assessing digital literacy skills and integrating technology. Explore four basic approaches to integrating technology into adult learning and instruction: technology as curriculum, as delivery mechanisms, as instructional complements, and as instructional tools.

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