Legendary Life Coaching

Kimberly Smerdel

Kim Smerdel has nine years of ESL experience and has spent the past six years as an ESL educator. Kim’s experience includes working with students from kindergarten through adulthood, whose educational and linguistic backgrounds have been rich and varied. In 2015, Kim graduated from Johnson University with a degree in TESOL education, and served as the assistant to the linguistics professor for the 2015 school year. Kim worked as an adult ELL educator for WTAE in 2016 – helping students advance through intermediate ESL. From 2017 to 2020, Kim worked as the middle school ELL teacher with Franklin Township Middle School West, while resuming her evening position as an adult ESL educator in 2019. In 2020 Kim stepped out of the classroom and into supervision- spreading her passion for linguistics and English language acquisition to an incredible team of teachers.

Legendary Life Coaching is a workshop designed to engage programs in meaningful discussions to advance your life coaching practices. This workshop will feature 26 defined life coaching services that are easy to understand and navigate even for English Language Learners. The workshop will also showcase HSE Bootcamp; Career Pathways; Scholarship, Citizenship, and Success Story Portals.

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