Let’s Build a COABE Student Ambassador Program

Konnie McCollum & Adult Learner Committee

Konnie McCollum is Adult Education Director for River Valley Resources, Inc. She has a Master’s Degree in Adult Education from Indiana University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Louisville. She is one of the co-developers of the Madison Model, and she has participated in several national initiatives on IET development. She was recently awarded COABE’s 2021 Outstanding Administrator of the Year, and she currently is honored to be a member of the IAACE Board of Directors.

Do you want your students to talk about you to others including potential students and legislatures? Do you want to get the COABE Student Ambassador program a go but doesn’t know how to start? Join us for a know-how session that will help you get started building a Student Ambassador program that will keep them talking for years to come.

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