Rural Programs Collaborate to Maximize Student Education & Workforce Training Options

Laura Elsbrock

Laura Elsbrock is the Adult Ed Coordinator & Career Coach for Area 30 Adult Education in Greencastle, Indiana. The program has two sites and serves 90-130 students. Laura has a Bachelors’ degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Administration, and has been in adult ed for 9 yrs. She was previously a manager/business owner that recruited, trained, and developed staff for over 20 years. Other panelists include Adult Ed Coordinator Elizabeth Coley of Clay County whose program serves 85-100, and Adult Ed Director Karen Hill of Parke/Vermillion County whose program serves 85-110 students.

A panel of small rural programs present how they have teamed up to provide students training in multiple career pathways. We highlight how our programs cross county lines to enhance access, design and deliver IET/WEI curriculum, maximize employer relationships, and exceed the requirements for career coaching using both WIN ESS and CareerNorth modules to expedite job acquisition for students.

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