Neil and Amy Richmund

Neil Richmund is a native Australian who has lived in the US for over 30 years, during which he was a chaplain and teacher in Christian schools across the country before making the switch to using technology to help organizations, non-profits, and schools reach their goals. He is married to co-presenter Amy Richmund, and together they have three young adult children. Amy has been a central Indiana resident for her entire life and has been in the world of education for her entire career, having taught in a wide variety of socioeconomic, age, grade, and ability levels, and her most recent educational role was serving as the HSE Supervisor for Wayne Township Adult Education through 2019, when she and her husband joined forces in their educational software business ConnecAble Education. Now Neil and Amy work together, consulting and building online solutions geared specifically toward creating solutions for adult education, working with several adult ed programs across Indiana and the nation to help connect students to programs, boosting enrollment and increasing engagement and retention these creative times. Amy and Neil are passionate about helping adult education programs reach their goals, sharing their combined 20+ years of adult education and technology implementation experience with adult ed programs, connecting the resources adult ed has to offer with the students who need it most!

We are all tasked with the mission to share student success stories to tell about how adult education has positively impacted the lives of our students. Keeping up with performance metrics and ever-changing program demands can make that task seem overwhelming. Who has time to capture student success stories when you are busy helping to make them happen? The answer is simpler than you think!

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